Reformed Expressions

Living Out All Of God's Word In Every Area Of Life

“Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law.”

Proverbs 29:18


God’s Law instructs us in the use and values of money on a national and individual level. Upholding God’s economy is a key part of kingdom growth.


In order to be effective ministers, we must know how to apply God’s Word in all spheres of all life in a manner that transcends culture, traditions, and governments.


The family is where kingdom growth begins. It is in this institution where education, caring for the widow and orphan, self-government, and obedience take root.

Books & Podcasts

Want to dive deeper into the topics we discuss here? These are the resources that drive our desire to apply God’s law and make positive changes in our communities.

In Their Distress

Committed to caring for the orphan as commanded by God.

Thoughts for Today

Recent thoughts on how to be faithful to God’s law in every area of life.

Books Read in 2018

After completing the 2017 reading goal of a hundred books, I decided to scale back in 2018 to make more time for other works. Although my reading time was diminished, I am quite thankful for what I was able to read, and the fruit that God has grown in my...

Terminal Churches: Christianity’s Self-Induced Decay

Terminal churches are plentiful. While demonstrating the broad reach of Christianity, these churches are also evidence of the emptiness of Christianity's impact on the world. The expansive but useless churches of today should lead us to the all-important...