I had the pleasure of preparing a talk for the online Cruciform Ministries conference on God & Government. On top of that, I was able to speak about one of my favorite subjects — Biblical welfare.

Much of our cultural warfare, as many are apt to call it, is destructive. The Christian faith, as much as it is destructive of all things at odds with Christ’s kingly prerogative, the Christian faith is preeminently reconstructive.

That is why I largely focused on three aspects of biblical welfare in the talk and the accompanying slides below:

  • Biblical Welfare is far more comprehensive than what we often include in the discussion.

  • Biblical Welfare is reconstructive to society as the Gospel is to man’s being. This leads to me focusing much more on the application of good welfare rather than focusing on the easy targets provided by humanistic welfare.

  • God provides three ordained means of Biblical welfare for three specific areas of a godly social order; (1) the funding and growth of God’s kingdom; (2) the joy and merriment of God’s people for His redemption; (3) the effective elimination of destitute poverty.