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Crumbs From The Reading Table – February 2019

Looking for something to read? ­čĄô Something shorter than a book but longer than a tweet? ­čĄö Then come and join us at the reading table, where we talk about articles and essays that we found interesting or helpful.

The Word of God Unleashed: A New Booklet For The Saints

A lot of new people to our circle ask for a book covering what theonomy is, or if there is an introductory level book. The response is usually throwing them a couple of books coming in at about 300+ pages, and they are honestly very academic. This...

Books Read in 2018

After completing the 2017 reading goal of a hundred books, I decided to scale back in 2018 to make more time for other works. Although my reading time was diminished, I am quite thankful for what I was able to read, and the fruit that God has grown in my...

Book Review: “The Burden of God” and Teaching Ecclesiastes

Being a reformed-Christian site, we have read various commentaries in that tradition. One book that tends to elude many commentators is Ecclesiastes. Some take this book of the Bible as the crotchety complaints of an old man hardened by the sinfulness of...