Is it worth our time as Christians to consider money, markets, policy, etc.? Why should I not just focus on understanding the Bible, theology, and loving our neighbor? These questions actually create a false dilemma because the answer for one of these is the answer for the other.

Our Call

God commands us to know Him, understand man, and to love God and love neighbor. All of these directly impact our view of economics. And sometimes, when we do that whole “cart before the horse thing,” our understanding of economics shapes our understanding of the other.

Jesus has called us to give up the life off the “old man” and put on the “new man” (Ephesians 4:22-24). These “new men” have a King who enforces a standard (Matthew 5:17-20). The standard applies to all of life. We are “new men,” and there is a Lord of our wallet.

Since God gives us our abilities, provisions, and owns everything (Ps. 50:10), we need to understand how they work in the world God made.

Our Failure

Christians have reduced the faith for many years, relegating it to the realm of prayer, morning Bible time, being nice to everyone, and salvation of the soul. But the Bible speaks to many areas (health, economics, warfare, marriage, private property, education, etc.), and Christians have been silent while others have gladly filled the void.

Quiet time

Keynesian economics, for example, has really defined our current economic system. The fruit of this school of thought has produced in our culture much of what the generator himself loved: selfishness, lack of concern for the future, hatred of children, and sexual perversion. This resource discusses Keynes’ view in more detail and the negative impacts of its integration into Christian ethics.

Moving Forward

What should we do now? Where do we begin?

Throughout this series on economics, I want to break up the moving forward section as follows.

  • Read: This section will give Scripture references for you to study relevant to the topic.
  • Re-think: Knowing God’s Word demands change, or repentance, in the heart and mind. This section will deal with some implications for thinking about the discussion above.
  • Apply: Rethinking will cause our hands to re-work our lives to obedience to King Jesus. Repentance demands the hands as well as the heart.

To be continued…

As we work through this series, I hope you’ll follow along. Once we understand the “Economics of Destruction,” we can move on to apply the “Economics of Reconstruction.”