This was in the comments after my film “Conceived in Rape and Other Exceptions” on a Secular Documentary Channel where it had 3.8 million views before they took it down.

“I became pregnant as the result of a violent, revolting rape in which I almost lost my life. I was a young teen and this horrible man grabbed me off the street! It had taken me years to even talk about it. I suffer PTSD as a result of this horrific crime. Finding out I was pregnant from this evil man. I had no resources, except Planned Parenthood. As you can extrapolate, I did have an abortion almost immediately after finding out I was pregnant. I couldn’t see or feel anything good in regards to carrying a child to term, even if I chose the adoption route. It was very difficult for me to watch this documentary. I am happy for these women who chose to have their baby. They are amazingly strong and it most likely was in part because they had access to resources that are Pro Life. But, the bulk of the accolades go to them, the mothers, of children born out of a tragic incident. It made me think that they absolutely do have a point, from a Western religion perspective (I can’t comment as to belief in religions I do not know), that their baby was meant to be. Their baby was and is ordained by God and if I had the strength and the will to turn to God at the time of my decision, the incident may have turned out different for me. Notice I wrote “may have” I’m not going to look back and question my strength in Faith. It is still a slightly open book for me. I still wrestle with PTSD, nightmares, problems with having normal sexual relation. I Thank God He Did Lead me to my husband, who is deeply understanding and patient with me. 

These women who chose life out of a horrible experience in their lives , and even saw their child as part of the healing process, felt their child an angel and a life ordained by God, gives me hope in this world. Their messages are powerful and whether you believe in God or not, just think for a minute how heroic these women are. Heroes save lives. Thank you for introducing them to me through this documentary.”

There were 4500 comments, mostly thoughtless babble by angry profane abortion supporters. There were hundreds like this though! 💓 A Comment On "Conceived In Rape And Other Exceptions" Praise God!!!

Here is the link to my documentary:

Please pray it is implemented in pro-life developing countries who are targeted to allow exceptions into their laws and constitutions. Exceptions are ALWAYS the Trojan horse to pave the way for abortion on demand.

It is captioned in 9 languages so far. We are always looking for volunteers to caption it in more. There is a free captioning download that is very simple for doing this.

~ Kevin Williams ~

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