I suppose the beginning of my pro-life story gets started here. The love of my life was post-abortive. She tried to hide it but it was impossible. It devastated her life and wounded her very deeply. I wish I knew then what I know now and have experienced since then so I could have helped her. But I was a very lost soul. I was post-abortive from way back in high school. I was so self-serving it seldom even crossed my mind. I spent 25 years of my life high or half drunk almost every waking moment. I was given over. I’m sure my two abortion involvements probably contributed to that whether I recognized it or not.

Sharon died of cancer November 22nd, 2005. Shortly after that, God used my grief and guilt and shame and regret to radically change my life as He used it to turn me to Him. I have the first verses of “The hound of Heaven” written on the inside cover of my Bible.

This is Sharon. (Click the link to read more about their story.)

Sharon, The Beginning Of My Pro-Life Story

This is the Sharon Tree. (Click the link to read more about the Sharon Tree).

Sharon, The Beginning Of My Pro-Life Story

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