January 18, 2019

Remember the girl from Annapolis who chose life a couple weeks ago? They were homeless because of her husband’s business being destroyed by a fire. I found three different individuals there who are meeting with her to see how they can help them with housing and get back to thriving again.

I’m so blown away by the tender and compassionate heart of God how He just makes these things come together! It almost seems like he is eagerly waiting for opportunities to act if we just play our small role and invite Him. Update On The Family In Annapolis | January 18 💓 Please continue to pray for their family and for their precious 3-year-old who needs healing of her immune deficiency disorder. I got this email from her and a picture of her daughter. What a CUTIE!!! Update On The Family In Annapolis | January 18 💓 Thank you all for your prayers! Love you guys!!!

“I cannot even begin to describe my gratitude for you. The world would be so much better off with more people like you. You’re doing amazing work and offering so much hope to people who have so little left.

It’s so ironic you refer to this baby as “she”, we don’t know the gender yet are all hoping for a girl. Our daughter is convinced she’s getting a baby sister and it’s given her so much to look forward to. She’s always said she will still love him if it’s a brother but her preference is clear lol.

This is the most recent picture of M____ after she put on the press on nails she got from Santa. She has a very loving & nurturing soul, she cares for her baby dolls like they’re real, and will be an amazing big sister.”


“Sweet M___ looks just like I pictured her! Sooooooooooooo SWEET and so CUTE!!!

That she is a nurturing soul emanates from her. She looks so Precious! If she loves her doll babies like that imagine how much she will love a REAL Baby! Update On The Family In Annapolis | January 18 💓 It is going to be my prayer that Baby will not be coming into this world alone or empty handed but with miracles for her big loving Sister and family.

I pray M____ will be healed and grow up to have children and grandchildren of her own some day.

Let me know how your meeting with C___ goes. Also if you make connections from the K___’s or a representative from M____’s Church. I have another a couple people from Annapolis that contacted me too. Like I said before we will keep at it till you guys are in a place and you are back to thriving again.
Love you guys, kevin”

It’s another killing day in Ft Collins. Please pray!!!

~ Kevin Williams ~


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