In our previous outlines in this book, we have seen that the tithe is obligatory, practical, and important for church reform. The importance of the tithe in the past has also been covered. Chapter 8 focuses on how a lawful world would operate, and how the tithe would fund it (hence the title of the chapter).

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The world of the tithe

Without need because:

    • local churches faithful in their ministry would be well funded,
    • affective overseas work would be underwritten,
    • Christian schools, trade schools, and universities would be provided for,
    • welfare would be distributed on a godly basis,
    • hospitals would become accountable to those they serve and operate within God’s ethical boundaries,
    • and the State would be diminished to its proper and limited role.

Crime wouldn’t pay.

    • Restitution would be fundamental to the social order (Exodus 22:1-15).
      • Bond-service would be required in cases where restitution couldn’t be paid on the spot.

Habitual criminals would be executed (Deuteronomy 21:18-21).

    • No professional criminal class.

The norm would be debt-free living (Romans 13:8).

    • Principally, debts would be limited to 6 years (Deuteronomy 15:1-6, 12-18).
      • This alone eliminates a significant source of inflation, the common addiction to trade future production for current consumption.
    • Add in a backed monetary system (Leviticus 19:35-37; Deuteronomy 25:13-16; Isaiah 1:22) and,
    • “The two together would rule out an inflationary economy and ensure solid and steady growth in a society.” (pp 33)

There would be no abusive taxation.

    • The earth is the Lord’s (Exodus 19:5; Psalm 24:1, etc.), so there is no just excuse for a property tax to be paid to the government.
      • “God’s tithe is His property tax over the earth and us as well.” (pp 33)
      • The elimination of the property tax would correct many issues today.
        • A prime example is alleviating some of the difficulty for the elderly living on their savings.
    • The inheritance tax would also be thrown out the door.

Problems abound in the world that neglects the law of the tithe

  • Costs are racked up everywhere.
    • “A vast amount of current crime costs, educational costs, and welfare costs are products of ungodly laws. Modern statism works to decapitalize the people of their faith, their family life, and their possessions.” (pp 34)
  • Social security (an ungodly creation itself), pension funds, welfare (ungodly in its statist forms), and most other saving programs are robbed of their value and utility by inflation.
  • “If men rob God, they will not hesitate to rob one another. When men deny God’s government and its tax, they will then be forced to pay tithes and more to the stateā€¦The refusal to tithe is the most costly step any man can take. Its price is judgment. Remember, if you rob God, He will not hear you when you are robbed. You are, after all, then only another thief in the sight of Almighty God.” (pp 34)

Take away

If we took up God’s commands to tithe, we would slowly erode the stranglehold of unjust taxes and welfare. We would gain authority by serving. By our Spirit-empowered obedience to the Law of God, tyrants are put out of business because their services are no longer needed. Our failure to provide God what is His, and thus fulfill godly social-funding, is the very reason we are where we are today. Every time you cry out against “big government” and unjust taxation, you are equally confessing your failure to tithe. Repent and rebuild.