“Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law.” – Proverbs 29:18

This is an often quoted verse for many websites of local churches. The message contained is essential for the Spirit-empowered presence of the Bride of Christ and its effect on the nation. However, most of the time, this verse is used to justify some fancy and creative verbiage of what the local church desires to do. A sales pitch on a website of sorts. But, is this the only use for this verse? Is this even a Biblically-sanctioned use for this verse?

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What ‚Äúvision” is not

Vision is not a statement whipped up to present for a fundraiser or to draw an audience. It is not a fancy way to say the Great Commission in a flamboyant, culturally relevant way.

What is it then?

What is this verse telling the Church?

“Vision,” as stated in Proverbs 29:18, is the opposite of wasting away, dying, and rebellion. This proverb also tells us what prophetic vision is to be equated with: God’s Law, which brings blessings for obedience. Here are a few other things we learn about the Law:

– The Law contains wonderful things (Ps. 119:18).
– The teaching of the Law is a gracious thing (Ps. 119:29).
– Spurning the Law shows a character of wickedness (Ps. 119:53).
– The Law is delightful, and to not find delight is wicked (Ps. 119:70, 77).
– The Law protects us from perishing (Ps. 119:92).
– It is to be a focus of our meditation on God (Ps. 119:97).
– Loving the Law is to have a single-minded focus on God (Ps. 119:113).
– Breaking the Law calls for God to come in judgment (Ps. 119:126).
– God’s Law is true and righteous (Ps. 119:142).
– Keeping the Law is warfare against wickedness (Pro. 28:4)
– To turn away from the Law makes one an abomination (Pro. 28:9)

If prophetic vision is the Law, then we have learned something important here.

Vision is ethical

Vision is the application of the Law in our personal matters, families, churches, and civil governments. That is why when the Church is blind to this divine Vision given by God, “all hell breaks loose.” Individuals perish without restraint. Families, churches, and nations perish without restraint. The Church must preach the prophetic Vision and teach others how God’s Law applies in every area of life.